Cape records
Taff Smith
Southend to Cape Town
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Glasair and Mew Gull

The Glasair Super IIS RG is a kit built aircraft designed and manufactured in the USA. The aircraft is powered by a 180hp Lycoming engine delivering impressive speed, rate of climb, and range that few aircraft can deliver.

Taff chose the aircraft above all other types for the following reasons:

  1. The difference between the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and the empty weight (ie payload) is huge, the aircraft practically carries its own weight. The MTOW is 2200lbs which is the maximum for class C1b.
  2. The 180hp IO360 Lycoming delivers the best cruise stats and is the most economical and reliable motor, compared to the 200hp angle valve version.
  3. At 12,500' he expects to maintain 220kts at 75% power.

There are quite a few modifications being made to the Glasair in preparation for the record attampt. It is currently undergoing a development programme involving injectors, electronic ignition, and avanced propeller design. There will also be one or two aerodynamic tweaks to the airframe and every superflouous item of kit, including spare seats, is being removed to save weight ("...and to make way for a crate of Red Bull!").